About Me

I’ve been around the block. Several times, actually. I have helped introduce several new technologies, brought golfers to the links, put people on bikes, and helped bring the Internet to rural and remote communities in Africa.

Here are a few things that I can help with:

  • Website Content, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages optimized for SEO
  • Brochures, Data Sheets, and Collateral
  • Print, Banner, Search, and Outdoor Advertising
  • Direct Response Email and Traditional Mail
  • Video Scripts, Radio Spots, and Online Videos
  • Case Studies, White Papers, Sales Guides, and Primers
  • Corporate Positioning, Elevator Pitches, & Equity Stories

My favorite part of the job is helping a company figure out who they are and how they want to tell their story. Then I help them make the story uniquely theirs. And do it all with an eye to entertaining the people my clients need to reach.

The most rewarding work is when I get to help a company educate people about a better way to live, work, and do business. Sometimes that’s offering a new way to entertain people. Sometimes it’s helping people share their ideas in better ways to a broader audience. I also love to work one-on-one with an entrepreneur or professional looking for work to help you craft your brand story and elevator pitch. Try me. I might just help you come up with that perfect, fast, and intriguing line in response to, “What do you do?”

I’m located in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado. You can reach me at mark@cowboy-creative.com or 303-501-4748.

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