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E-Sports Is Already Mainstream

About two years ago, my son and I had just returned to his apartment from my first football game at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. He flipped on his computer and said, “Dad, you have to see this.” What I saw changed both of our lives.

We were watching a young e-sports pro playing a practice game of League of Legends, and more than 100,000 people were watching. On a Saturday afternoon! This IS the next generation of sports and if you don’t understand it, that’s okay. Sometimes it’s hard to understand people paying to watch people hit a little ball into a hole or over a fence, or drive around in an oval for 500 miles. But people do.

But it wasn’t until I convinced the company where I worked to sponsor a team that learned that this audience is not like any other I’ve encountered. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share some of my insights into e-sports marketing.

What I do

I specialize in telling stories that get results. The great thing about storytelling is that it really doesn’t matter what industry or offering. I do possess an almost frightening ability to understand technology in a way that allows me to explain it to anybody. Even your boss’ mom.

I have a track record of creating real differentiation in the marketplace, and a reputation for adding a sense of fun and humor to all the hard work. I have told stories for every kind of business, from rock festivals to century-old CPG products; childcare to the latest technology; hospitals and e-health initiatives to bicycles and country clubs, energy providers and engineering firms to concierge services and private aviation, nonprofits to wineries.

Some of my proven skills include:
> Video script writing
> Content development
> Brand voice development
> Advertising copywriting
> Concept development
> Websites and landing pages

Award-winning copywriting

Yes, I’ve won awards. But I’m more impressed when my work increases sales, subscriptions, traffic, or donations.

Silicon Valley Addy Awards – 3 Addy, 9 Gold
New York Film Festival – Six Gold Medals
Chicago Film Festival – Hugo Award
Joey Awards – 8 Joeys, Several Gold
Broadcast Design Association – Gold