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What I do

I specialize in telling stories that get results. The great thing about storytelling is that it really doesn’t matter what industry or offering. I do possess an almost frightening ability to understand technology in a way that allows me to explain it to anybody. Even your boss’ mom.

I have a track record of creating real differentiation in the marketplace, and a reputation for adding a sense of fun and humor to all the hard work. I have told stories for every kind of business, from rock festivals to century-old CPG products; childcare to the latest technology; hospitals and e-health initiatives to bicycles and country clubs, energy providers and engineering firms to concierge services and private aviation, nonprofits to wineries.

Some of my proven skills include:
> Video script writing
> Content development
> Brand voice development
> Advertising copywriting
> Concept development
> Websites and landing pages

Award-winning copywriting

Yes, I’ve won awards. But I’m more impressed when my work increases sales, subscriptions, traffic, or donations.

Silicon Valley Addy Awards – 3 Addy, 9 Gold
New York Film Festival – Six Gold Medals
Chicago Film Festival – Hugo Award
Joey Awards – 8 Joeys, Several Gold
Broadcast Design Association – Gold